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An IRS audit is an examination of an organization’s or individual’s books and financial information to ensure information is being reported correctly and according to the tax laws on their tax returns. An examination can be a stressful experience because one finds themselves in the position of defending every line item on their return to avoid additional tax assessments imposed by the Revenue Officer. The IRS is extremely aggressive at this phase and having representation is crucial to minimize potential assessments.

If you have already been through an audit and have missed the ability to timely appeal the decision, you may be able to request an Audit Reconsideration. We can help you navigate through that process as well.

Either way, utilizing our professional services at this stage is vital.



When tax problems threaten your business, your livelihood or your future, we are adept at strategies to prevent or limit harmful consequences of a criminal investigation or indictment in tax court or district court. Our primary litigator has over 35 years in federal litigation and criminal defense experience.



The EDD and BOE have the responsibility of administering the collection, accounting, and enforcement functions of four basic employment taxes: unemployment insurance tax, employment training tax, disability insurance tax, personal income tax and sales tax in the State of California. Without an aggressive defense attorney who can negotiate effectively with EDD payroll and sales tax reporting agents, you greatly increase your risk of being burdened with significant financial liabilities. If fraud is alleged, you could even find your company at the center of a criminal investigation carried out by EDD’s Investigation Division and run the risk of losing any professional licenses, such as a Contractor’s license. This is a complex maze of intersecting Federal and State of CA laws. In order to minimize and protect your business and ability to run your business, it is incumbent upon you to seek representation from the very beginning of an investigation.



An immediate and painful consequence of owing a tax liability to the government is the immediate loss of income through earnings or from direct reaching into your bank account. We treat these matters seriously and with the urgency of action they require. We have a 24 hour turn around in releasing wage garnishments and bank levies issued by the IRS and the States. There is always a way to release the money within the statutory time frame.

Do not believe for one moment that your money has been permanently lost. There is relief and we are very good. Losing money this way is devastating, frightening, and stressful. Once we release your money, we immediately begin working on fixing the true problem.

Because tax liabilities are exacerbated by high interest and penalties taxpayers must act fast and utilize the full arsenal available to decrease total tax debt through penalty abatement. Also, liens can prevent taxpayers from moving forward by negatively impacting credit scores and ability to borrow. We work on that as well to provide our clients the best resolution possible.

Our goal is to help you get your financial life on track and generate peace of mind.



Allow us to relentlessly negotiate on your behalf before the IRS to maximize your chances in settling back taxes for much less than you owe. We have years of experience in successfully securing our clients Offers in Compromise (OIC), which have saved them over 80% of the total due. We do this for our Business clients and our non-Business clients. The first step requires a thorough analysis of the unique facts of each client’s case and strategizing accordingly. Also, once you hire our firm, our clients rest easy knowing they will have minimal to no contact with the IRS, which is a great stress reliever all on its own.

When conducting our preliminary analysis, it will become apparent which resolution options are more likely and feasible. Some of these other resolution possibilities include: Installment Agreements, Penalty Abatements, Currently Not Collectible status, and the Fresh Start Program.



Many times, a tax liability stems from the simple fact of not filing tax returns. The government cannot collect on a tax debt if a balance does not post to your account. This is why the IRS will file returns on your behalf. However, it is important to note that you have the legal right to file an original return to minimize or eliminate a tax liability completely. This is true for businesses and individuals alike.

We prepare 1040s, 1120s, 1065s, 940s and 941s: Personal, Corporate, Partnership, and Payroll taxes.

Once your business has taken care of any tax return filing issues that stem from poor record keeping, etc., we offer reasonably priced book keeping services to keep you on track. This reduces stress and creates security in regular and mandatory filing requirements. What is the point of a temporary fix? We believe in helping our clients remain compliant to move forward in doing what they do best: making money and keeping our economy growing.

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